TRON (TRX) Justin Sun on Memes Clubhouse People Sentiments and Fundamental in Cryptocurrency Space


In a recent interview, with Justin Sun when asked about Elon Musk expressing his enthusiasm for Bitcoin (BTC) and how he has talked about Dogecoin, the interviewer also asked how it is possible to see TRON slip out of the top most favored cryptocurrencies by market cap.  Further asked, why do you think it is and how do you get people more enthusiastic about itself.

Justin Sun, expressed that he believes that the meme is very important in the cryptocurrency industry, and that offering cryptocurrency is welcomed by the millennial and the generation Z – the new generation in this kind of situation – he expressed, “I believe meme is the answer.”

Dogecoin, the reason it is loved by Elon Musk, I think definitely it is because, Dogecoin is one of the most famous meme coin in the industry. And, also we have seen a lots of these cryptocurrency, also start to have these kinds of meme on the crypto.

The interviewer asked speaking of meme, we just have the Game Stock Drama, you said at the height of the Game Stock Share price that you would buy 10 million dollar’s worth? Did you do it? Sun replied, we already bought 10 million GME, one million AMC, and one million SORA. And, the game stock price drop and we just have 2 millions left.

Okay, you are going to hold.  Yes, I am going to hold even if I lose money on the GME stock, but I still believe that this is a paradigm shift, between what is going to be the most valued stock in the market.

And, the shift to this kind of a community driven or internet community driven investment is the future.  So, when the interviewer asked if this is the meme culture point that you made right? Sun replied, “Exactly.” He further stated, people make investment decisions based on community and feeling rather than fundamentals?  Exactly, so, and I believe, that these kind of culture and sentiments and also community like driven is also a kind of the fundamentals.

The interviewer asked, speaking on spending money, you spent quite a bit during the famous lunch with Warren Buffet. I was just thinking, at the end of the lunch you gave him a Bitcoin, that is probably his successful investment of 2020. 

Sun replied yes.  He also stated that he gave Warren Buffet originally two advice on why to Buy Bitcoin and Why Buy Tesla?  He stated, he can make 12 times more than what he just gave him.

TRON and Clubhouse

Interviewer stated, so, I wanted to talk about another project that you have taken in the decentralized space.  You are talking about doing a Clubhouse like app, And, I am curious about how a project like that matches with some of the sensitivities that you have seen in China – speech and censorship.  How are you going to pull that off?

Sun replied, definitely, I believe that Clubhouse is very popular in United States right now. And, I believe that Clubhouse is a very revolutionary product. He says they are strangers, but it is referred by your friends, so you can, see their social network connection while of course every country has their regulations.  So, we definitely are going to have these kinds of moderations to have to identify it based on the countries and the different kinds of regulations.  So, for example like the apps go round in several different types of counties, we will also have the server split from the major countries, guarantee the customer privacy, the same time also help us to moderate.